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Community Workshops

Farmscape Solutions offers a variety of training opportunities to all that have an agrarian interest, be they farmers, gardeners, or future farmers and gardeners.

These include:

Soil Health and Cover Crops
     Interested in learning how to asses your soil's health using a shovel, your five sense, and a little bit of know-how? 
Want a soil test that gives results that are useful to organic gardeners and farmers, including plant available nutrients, carbon and nitrogen, and cover crop recommendations? Then this workshop is for you!

Water Quality Monitoring 
    If you use surface or well water for irrigation, you can screen for
chemical and pathogen contamination.
 These techniques are conducted you on-site, and can be used to satisfy USDA-GAP water monitoring requirements for a fraction of the cost of a laboratory. 

Crop Quality Monitoring
    Ever wonder if your actually growing a "better than store-bought" fruit or vegetable? Want to know if that modification you made to your compost was worth it? Learn to use a hand-held device called a refractometer to measure the nutrient content of your fruits and vegetables.

Mushroom Cultivation
    Culinary mushroom cultivation is a natural fit for the Southeast, as many of these mushrooms grow in our    forests, and other non-native varieties, such as shiitake, are right at home here. Learn how to produce copius amounts of mushrooms on logs, wood chips, straw, even coffee grounds!

Rhythmic Gardening
    Nature is the world's first, oldest, and best gardener. Learn to garden by following the rhythms of nature, and how to use the moon cycle as a guide for planting, cultivating and harvesting specific crops.