"Community culture: A set of core beliefs, values, practices, principles, norms, or behaviors that are held by a group of people who have common interests and a willingness to work together to achieve them”

By hosting listening dinners for rural community members, we are able to teach about nutrition and health, and to reach out to the hurting. We are working to bring as many people together to further health and wellness for those living in rural Lee and Macon counties. It is our goal to help people grow and become leaders in wellness for the next generation.

Vision of Abundant Life:

We co-create wellness and transform rural communities through promoting habits that lead to higher quality of life for all.


We build collaborative, cross-cultural relationships, providing spaces for listening, trusted conversations that inspire actions toward individual and communal health.


Our work addresses the needs of unsustainable food relationships and limited access to health care by engaging the problems of malnutrition, chronic illness, and educational gaps.