About Us

Successful sustainable farming systems emulate Nature.

To quote Sir Albert Howard from "Agricultural Testament (1948) "The main characteristic of Nature's farming can be summed up in a few words. Mother earth never attempts to farm without live stock; she always raises mixed crops; great pains are taken to preserve the soil and to prevent erosion; the mixed vegetable and animal wastes are converted into humus; there is no waste; the processes of growth and the processes of decay balance one another; ample provision is made to maintain large reserves of fertility; the greatest care is taken to store the rainfall; both plants and animals are left to protect themselves against disease.

Nature has 3.8 billion years of experience in developing sustainable and regenerative innovations, with more than 30 million species benefiting from her adaptive management and solutions.

Farmscape Solutions is an nonprofit organization dedicated to improving soil health, water quality and crop productivity through sustainable regenerative farming and gardening practices.

Farmscape Solutions is a community-based organization that gives technical assistance to farmers to improve soil health, water quality, crop productivity and diversity by fusing age-old gardening methods with 21st century technology. We also connect farmers with slow food markets and promote slow money exchange, in hopes of securing local food systems and improving the health and interpersonal community connections. We work with farmers dedicated to improving environmental quality, regardless of size or location of the farm, be it rural or urban. We meet farmers where they are, mentally, physically, and economically.

With erratic weather patterns, loss and degradation of topsoil, depleting fresh water supplies, and many other environmental and social challenges, it is critical that communities incorporate systemic approaches to land management that promote healthy soil, clean water and nutritious foods. Everyone has a role to play in securing our children's healthy future. Farmscape Solutions is actively working with Alabama Small Farm Stakeholders to facilitate collaboration among our producers and consumers, in order to make our food supply safe, secure, nutritious, and accessible within and among our local communities.

We envision a world where healthy food and healing herbs will be just outside every doorstep, around every corner, and the knowledge to grow and use them will be available to everyone.